Geopolitical + Cyber Intelligence Program

Geopolitical + Cyber Intelligence program focus is to deliver an understanding about cyber intelligence and the role of geopolitics and cyber on strategic policy as well as its impact and influence the global stage in relation to conflict.

Tension in geopolitics has bled into the cyber domain over the past few years. Nation-states now use cyber attacks as a means to accomplish foreign policy goals and promote political objectives. From Russia’s cyber belligerence against Ukraine amidst the Crimean crisis to China’s use of its cyber military to threaten Japan, cyber has become a central tenant of a country’s geopolitical strategy. Understanding the role of cyber intelligence at the nation-state level is key to overall strategic decision-making going forward.

Program Focus

Addressing these attacks is the realm of cyber-intelligence. You need to know: who the players are, what their objectives are, what the threat to you is and what the aggressors are going to do. Unfortunately, the concepts and processes of intelligence have been corrupted and misconstrued.

This program examines cyber-intelligence definitions, roles & processes, and applies key geo-political environments, players and considerations.

Key points:

  • Relationship between cyber intelligence, operational direction, and strategic planning;
  • Role of strategic cyber intelligence analysis in context with methods: vulnerability-based, threat-based and impact-based;
  • Understand the role of geopolitics and foreign policy issues in the cyber domain;
  • Complex linkage between the development of intelligence, analysis and information sharing;
  • Cybercrime, International cyber law and policy and related issues.




David Swan

Director, Cyber Intelligence Defence Centre

Richard Zaluski

President, CEO Chairman, & Founder